Design Services



Our designers are available to guide you through the tiered programs. We are honored to be a part of creating your dream space that fully reflects who you are.

Phase 1: A one-hour complimentary consultation to be scheduled in our showroom by appointment only. This time is dedicated to formal introductions and briefly discussing the intended design space; along with your desired wants, needs and concerns. Your Interior Designer at Elements for Design will guide you through our showroom to explain our products and vendors. We will explain who we are and how we operate. Our design portfolios will be available to show our past, present and future projects. We will fully examine all the details including billing structures of our design programs along with all party expectations.

At the completion of the complimentary hour, we will schedule an in-home visit for Phase 2.

Phase 2: A two-hour maximum appointment time will be scheduled, where your Interior Designer will meet you at the designated home or build site; which will be spent taking thorough and appropriate measurements and pictures of the intended design space(s); while discussing in more detail the design desires, needs and concerns. At the end of this appointment time (2hrs or less), you will be expected to make a payment for the time your Interior Designer spent on site. Payment will be accepted by check or via a hand signed credit card authorization form. Following this appointment your Interior Designer will return to the showroom where he/she will spend no more than 3 hours’ time pulling together a preliminary design plan along with pricing on the product sourced. You will be invited back to the showroom for a complimentary presentation of the preliminary design; where we have extended a generous discount off retail pricing just for you.

At this point you have one of two options.

Option 1: You may pay the 3 hours of design work in the form of check or the credit card that you have signed and the presentation is yours to keep and use however you desire for your future endeavors.


Option 2: You are pleased with the design presentation that your Interior Designer pulled together for you and we sign the interior design agreement form. At this point, our partnership will entail that all agreed upon expectations will be met and your three hours’ time will be applied to future Elements for Design purchases and orders; while extending a discount off of retail pricing on the products you have selected.

*Please note: Billable hours include changes to the design plan presented, additional time on our showroom floor reviewing designs or products and extended phone conversations, emails and review of any self-sourced products.*

Phase 3: This is designed for clients who are looking for assistance with minor to major home remodel and new builds. We will partner with your General Contractor and your hired contractors (plumbers, electricians etc.) to insure the design comes to life. We will extend you discount off retail pricing on products chosen after the Interior Design Agreement has been signed.